Is Kratom Addictive?

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In order to be more educated and provide the right information about Kratom, we found this book called “Kratom, Everything you need to know to Harness the power of this potent Plant” and I found an interesting part that talks about if Kratom can turn you into an addict. Let me share with you what it says:

“There are some people who claim that Kratom is addictive but you ask them why, they don’t know what to say. It is because these people never have tried Kratom and do not know anyone who tried it, and yet they are quick tyo judge regarding the issue of potential Kratom addiction.

Coffee is addictive and coffee lovers practically cannot live without coffee. These coffee lovers are considered coffee addicts, but does it give the same unfavorable effects as the illicit drugs? No, coffee won’t do that to your body. Remember that Kratom belongs to the coffee family and you will only get the same intensity of addiction as coffee lovers have for their coffee and that is just a possibility. Ingesting Kratom may make you feel good, but it is not enough to get you hooked unless you are already a coffee love to begin.

If anyone asked if Kratom is addictive, then it is safe to say that can be as addictive as coffee – no more, no less


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Posted by ColoradoHerbal on November 27, 2016