“Kratom Plant” by Henry Durden

Hi there Colorado!

In order to educate and introduce Kratom to the comunity, we found a couple books with a lot of information about this ancient leaf.

In chapter 3 of “Kratom Plant” by Henry Durden you will find the health benefits ok Kratom use. Here are some quotes:

Anti-depressant/Anti-anxiety – The Kratom herb’s complex organic compounds work faster and stronger on neurotransmitters and easier for people on SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) to take,  without a harmful side effects (e.g. reduced bone density, suicidal thoughts, etc.)

Pleasure sensation increase – The Kratom plant is not a opiate, but has psychoactive compounds that increase the release of depomine in the brain and act on delta receptors. Depending on the strain used, euphoric effects range in intensity and time lengh from fifteen (15) minutes to over one (1) hour. However, addiction is possible when a tolerance to the herb is achieved in rare cases”

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