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Here’s what some of our Littleton, CO customers are saying about us:

The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful. They have the best kratom in Denver, hands down, and a great rewards system! They’ve got my business!

Eric Rogan / Colorado Herbal Imports Customer Review


Edu Nahuel / Google Review

Amazing customer service, and very knowledgeable about all their products. They will happily answer any questions you have. Great shop, great people.

Zak Hughes / Google Review

“Incredible customer service. Very knowledgable about every product in the store. Wasn’t sure about purchasing somethings, so he gave me a sample. Going back for sure!”

Michelle Gripon / Customer Review

“Great service quality product.”

Ethan Ryder / Google Review

“Very great service, I will be back soon”

Edward Smith / Colorado Herbal Imports Customer Review

Amazing customer service. Quality products. And good discounts. Go see Pablo!

Tyler Loos / Google Review

“Great guys go out of there way to help. I highly recommend going there.”

Jerry Aylor / Colorado Herbal Imports Customer Review

“Excellent service! Very pleased with the products. Thank you guys!”

Luis Espadero / Colorado Herbal Imports Customer Review

“Very good customer attention, I’ll come back for sure!”

Rodrigo Cochere / Colorado Herbal Imports Customer Review

“5 Stars!”

Rachel Freriks / Google Reviews

I come here a lottt and can say nothing but great things! Love the educated customer service and great products

Lauren Book / Facebook Review

“4 Stars!”

Harry Owner / Facebook Review

“Awesome customer service. Very knowledgeable! :)”

Michelle Gripon / Facebook Review

“I visited the shop today and I have to say, first of all: TOP NOTCH Kratom! They are definitely worth the visit for the discerning kratom consumer, and they have many other curiosities as well. Check them out! I was not disappointed. Very friendly staff.”

Sarah Oliver / Facebook Review

Go see pablo. Great products, good discounts. I loved it. First to be back on track after DEA repeal, and not take advantage of their customers like some of the larger head shops in town.

Tyler Loos / Facebook Review

“I have never been to a better shop with better people and their inventory is top notch. They have herbs I had never heard of and they educated me on all of them. I came in for some Kratom and left with a Huge bag full of the best tea I’ve ever had.”

Matt Leeke / Facebook Review

“5 Stars!”

Eliza Kapral / Facebook Review

I’ve been going here for a while now and I have always had excellent service and great quality. The staff understands their product and answers any questions you have. If you’re unsure of what you want or need, go in and talk with them. I’ve changed what I was using because of their advice and the samples they gave me to make sure it was right for me.

I recommend them to everyone I know and some I don’t. Try them out, you’ll see why I am ranting about them. They are, by far, the best shop I’ve used in years

Christopher Cordova / Google Review

This is by far my favorite herbal shop in Denver. The people are fantastic and will gladly provide an answer to any questions you may have about products within the store. I wasn’t exactly sure which product I wanted, so they gave me some samples to try out. The Kratom tea works wonders, and when I buy more, this is where I will be going to get it.

Zak Hughes / Facebook Review

Amazing place! Great quality products, wonderful customer service! 🙂

They have a little sunny tea corner with beautiful views. It was my first time in there and the man that helped me was very knowledgeable and friendly. Even got some free samples! Will be returning! 🙂

Rachel Meowcavo / Facebook Review