Why Kratom is important to our community?

Hello Colorado!

Here’s a interesting article about Kratom and why is important to a lot of people:

Kratom is gaining in popularity because it fills a need — many needs, actually. Everything from treating the symptoms of diabetes to easing pain to finding energy and even as a way to prolong sexual intercourse.
In the process of filling so many needs, Kratom is taking away business from some major Industries, such as the Pharmaceutical, alcohol, and drug rehab Industries. They aren’t happy about this, as you can imagine.
Kratom is a revolutionary product, a “disruptive technology” that is shaking up some very powerful Industries that have been using the people of the U.S. like farmers use cattle — as a source of predictable profit.
In a de-facto partnership with the processed food industry (which creates hard-to-resist junk foods that slowly wreck our health), the Pharmaceutical industry has a captive market, selling us the Pain Relief we need and eventually the expensive medical care and surgery which we will inevitably beg for to treat our diet-caused, lifestyle diseases.
Our national Dependence on painkillers has caused a huge epidemic of physical Dependence and this is normally very hard to stop, with conventional, limited alternatives.
Then, Kratom was brought here from the Orient, where it has been used to treat opium Dependence for centuries. Kratom has a remarkable ability to unwind Dependence w/o the usual harrowing withdrawal that keeps many addicted.
Kratom consumers are amazed how it is a better alternative for many of the expensive Pharmaceutical remedies we are forced to buy because only they are covered by insurance — another industry that profits off our bad diet, drinking, and driving habits.
My point is that someday everyone will wish there was a better alternative for Pain Relief. Kratom is that superior, safer alternative to opioid and other Pharmaceutical drugs, which you may wish you had someday.
Many big Industries are trying to convince you that Kratom is dangerous and addictive. The FDA and DEA are complicit in this anti-Kratom campaign. The truth is quite different.”

At Colorado Herbal Imports, we believe that people should have freedom to choose how to live a better life. Making a plant illegal is not the solution and the only thing the DEA will achieve is fill the prisons with innocent people.

#KeepKratomLegal #PlantsOverPills